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Data Logging and Analysis

The latest generation of data recorders can provide a full time diagram of 40 shocks above a pre-programmed threshold. The unit can record: dates, hours, magnitudes and durations of 16384 shock events. The unit can also log temperature, humidity, and pressure during the events. This provides a maximum capacity of four months of data collection.

The EnDaL curve is a extremely versatile and modifiable data logger with sensors to measure and record mechanical shocks, temperature and humidity over an extended period of time. Additional sensors can be connected for combined measurement of air pressure, stack pressure, inclination and up to 4 digital signals. In addition, acceleration-time graphs are recorded for up to 20 peak acceleration events.

The frequencies and the power spectral density of these graphs can be analysed using external programs. All data can be transferred to a PC via an RS-232 interface or USB.

It is possible to add a special GPS receiver. It records position coordinates of any event and the complete route. An easy-to-use software that facilitates device configuration and data evaluation is included in the delivery It is also possible to connect a GPS active antenna and external battery.

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Offshore Alarm System

Offshore Alarm System

Security for alternative energies: The MONI LOG ShockDisplay curve plus Offshore Alarm System is designed for such employment. Highly sensitive sensors monitor and register mechanical influences in real time, with direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum levels.

  • Highly sensitive and long-term stable acceleration sensors
  • Measures and analyses directions, strength, time, signal response of shock and vibration loading
  • Alarm and operating indicator contacts for the integration of the system into the control technology
  • Multi-purpose sensor for temperature / humidity / pressure
  • Rugged and reliable, even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Ease of operation, display, alarm function and long operating time
  • Including powerful analysis software
  • Secure against manipulation with multi-stage password protection
  • Internal batteries for automatic function retention in case of grid failure
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